Green Tea Advanced Retinol Serum 10X (New)

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  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and assists in the achievement of smoother, firmer and more evenly toned skin
  • Patent Pending Micropolymer Delivery System
  • Quickly and efficiently"retinize"the skin while minimizing irritation
  • All-trans Retinol is the exact chemical analogue to tretinoin
  • Far less irritating than retinoic acid
  • Penetrates the skin better
  • Helps to preserve the barrier function of the skin
  • Retinol restores the endogenous retinoid storage pools that are rapidly stripped by scavengers
  • Long term use of retinoic acid can lead to tolerance
  • Therapeutic levels of the highest purified and concentrated form of Green Tea provide the braodest antioxidant benefits while soothing and calming the skin
  • Caffeine USP enhances overall antioxidant activity, helps diminish the apperance of redness
  • Hyaluraonic Acid replenishes the skin barrier, holding 10000x its weight in water



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